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Christian theme in the works of Dali

Posted on 26 February 2019 (0)

Creativity of one of the most odious artists of XX century – Salvador Dali, from the very beginning “stirred” the minds and connoisseurs and contemporaries, and critics, at the same time, the estimates were completely diametrically opposite, from admiration to complete disregard, but absolutely indifferent. At the same time, the most mysterious of the works […]

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Picasso Ceramics

Posted on 14 February 2019 (0)

Picasso’s ceramics work begins in 1946, when he comes to Valore, in the southeast of France for the second time. Initially, he works in a workshop with his friends at the Madeira workshop, to later move to his own studio. In the following years it produces over 2000 pieces of ceramics. Initially, he took containers […]

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